Our Vision

Firstly, congratulations!

The fact that you are reading these pages shows your commitment, either as a learner, parent or tutor, to encircle yourself with the very best in educational products.

Prestantia was founded by a group of business professionals with one aim in mind: To provide world class educational products to Schools, Colleges, Teachers, Tutors, Students and Parents. By being in business for almost two decades, we at Prestantia are proud to be of service to you.

We have set ourselves apart from other institutions by providing a complete range of only the very best in quality material and equipment. For example, all our chemistry glassware is 100% laboratory A grade with ISO DIN EN 9001 quality certification, and we follow this same philosophy throughout the entire range of products. We pride ourselves in that fact that we are the only educational institution in Southern Africa to provide such an extensive range of premium quality study material and equipment.

We all know that education is the key to success, and Prestantia can help you take control and ensure a solid foundation within this turmoil world of education in Southern Africa. Remember, you always have been, and always will be, in total control of your future success!

In our vastly expanding global marketplace, it is becoming ever more important to attain an internationally recognized education that will open doors for the many years to come.

Cambridge is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5–19 year olds, and we at Prestantia believe that Cambridge offers exactly what we all want for our children: quality education that is recognised worldwide.

There is an enormous amount of educational material available out there: books, DVD's, presentations, online virtual labs, et. It is a daunting task to say the least, to sift through all this information and options for each area of study, and select quality material that does not only offer ease of use for all students, no matter their ability or learning style (school environment or distance learning), but also material that covers the subject in-depth with added support if and when needed. Which products will give real-life scenarios and case studies and have step-by-step explanations of the various topics with support material? All our course-material have two main aims in mind:
1) For you to see and experience the subjects as you have never experienced them before,
2) To develop problem-solving skills that are so vital for you to succeed in the various fields, and more importantly later in life.

Today's students learn so much better, and with enthusiasm, by seeing, touching, smelling and hearing. Through the use of world class experimental lab material this only heightens the learners experience and enables them to relate so much better to the theory they are learning. By working with such beautifully crafted quality equipment it makes the learner proud and also makes them want to learn! Once they want to learn and enjoy the experience of learning they embrace it with enthusiasm.

The problem with the many curricula out there, once you have purchased a book or series and your studies have begun, it can take quite some time before you realize that what you have purchased is not designed for the distance learner. Most material is designed with the concept of tutor / learner or classroom environment, but as a distance learner this is not always possible and you need material that goes into utmost detail, depths and step-by-step explanations when a topic is discussed.

After sifting through, narrowing down and evaluating hundreds and thousands of books, other material and equipment, Prestantia brings you the very best products that are specifically designed for the distance learner. With such material and the addition of quality hands-on practical equipment, learning becomes exciting and interesting.

Prestantia wishes you all the best in your endeavours and we say with confidence that the products you will find in our store are best suited to the distance learner.

Remember, Prestantia is here to help and we are always a simple click away!