Cambridge Primary Assessments

The purpose of assessment is to improve teaching and learning.

Assessment experiences at all levels, could have both positive and negative consequences for students. They could increase or decrease their motivation to learn, elicit positive or negative feelings about themselves and others, and influence their understanding of what it means to be educated and successful.

It is therefore of utmost importance for teachers, parents, and students to approach assessments in the correct manner in order to reap the positive rewards assessments have to offer, and remove the anxiety students normally experience when being assessed.

Assessments are part of the learning process and when approached as such, it will inspire students to become actively engaged in, and responsible for their own learning; contribute to the developing confident, independent and self-motivated learners and advance education as a whole.

The most powerful assessments are assessments that occur in the daily activities of the classroom. These integrated assessments promote constant reflection, self-correction and focused instruction.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoints Tests are generally taken at the end of the final year of the programme, but are often used at the end of Grade 5 and during the course of Grade 6 to monitor learners progress and inform instruction.

Assessments give you access to the key components of an enjoyable first-class education, by providing educators, parents and students the means to personalise learning and focus instruction.