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Cambridge IGCSE ICT Teacher Guide
Cambridge IGCSE ICT Teacher Guide
Paul Clowrey and Colin Stobart

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Key Stage 4 - IGCSE
Year 10 to 11 - Age 14 to 16

Cambridge IGCSE

International CIE
Publication Date: January 2012

Product Code: IGCSE-9780007438853

Comprehensive planning support with lesson plans to match every unit in the Student Book as well as worksheets and ideas for differentiation

Authors: Paul Clowrey and Colin Stobart
  • Teacher Guide contents:
  • Introduction – how the Student Book and Teacher Guide match the 0417 syllabus and Papers 1-3

  • A two-year scheme of work
  • Lesson plans – one for every session of every unit in the Student Book

    Cross-references to relevant student book pages + syllabus sections
    Differentiated learning outcomes
    Resources – accompanying worksheets/PowerPoints, as well as any weblinks
    Ideas for teaching difficult concepts
    Starter ideas
    Main activities, including differentiated activities
    Assessment opportunities
    Plenary suggestions
  • Worksheets – one worksheet (or one PowerPoint on the CD-Rom) for every session
  • Answers to exam-style questions in the review and revise sections of the Student Book, together with grade/mark scheme analysis
  • Answers to all student book activity questions

  • CD-Rom contents
    All lesson plans and worksheets, as well as the scheme of work, in Word format for adapting
  • PowerPoints to exemplify concepts or add extra whole class activities to particular lessons
    All the source files on the Student Book CD-Rom to help with planning and for classroom use
  • Useful diagrams, photographs and other material from the Student Book also included on the Teacher Guide CD-Rom

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