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Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics Coursebook (3rd Edition)
Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics Coursebook (3rd Edition)
Authored by Colin Bamford and Susan Grant

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Commerce - Economics
Key Stage 5 - Advanced
Year 12+ - Age 16+

Cambridge AS & A Level

International CIE - FE 2016
Publication Date: November 2014

Product Code: ASA-9781107679511

Cambridge International AS and A Level Economics 3rd Editon

This Coursebook provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus with rigorous and relevant content for AS and A Level Economics students. Included in this book is a free student CD ROM containing revision aids, further questions and activities.

Authored by Colin Bamford and Susan Grant
  • The Coursebook
  • AS and A Level Content is clearly differentiated so relevant content is accessible and targeted for student assessment needs.
  • Pre-U content is threaded throughout text to highlight progression and prepare students for higher education.
  • Key Definitions, Top Tips, and Case Studies provide core content in bite sized and easily accessible formats.
  • Practice Exam Questions and Revision Summaries provide plenty of opportunties to prepare for assessment
  • Author comments deliver insight from exam experience and guidance on the common pitfalls and misconceptions.
  • User-friendly print design structured to match the syllabus

  • The Workbook
  • Practice questions improve confidence in responding to multiple choice questions and writing long-form answers using economic terminology.
  • Our step-by-step skills approach unpacks the syllabus requirements and highlights application, analysis, and evaluation in action.
  • The ‘Improve your Answer’ feature provides model answers for students to build on and consolidate their learning.
  • The ‘Think like an Economist’ feature helps students apply economic understanding in a wider context.
  • The introductory chapter defines the key skills and explains their importance for economic understanding.
  • Written by the same author as the coursebook, this resource helps strengthen the learning objectives of the course.
  • Flexible activities make the workbook ideal for homework or in class alongside the coursebook.
  • Answers to the questions in the workbook are available online.

  • The Revision Guide
  • Explains important subject content, concepts and techniques step-by-step to help students consolidate their learning.
  • Activities throughout to check progress with the answers at the end of the book.
  • Helpful exam-style questions.
  • Key terms to highlight definitions of economics terminology for quick reference.
  • Includes tips for successful revision techniques to help students avoid common pitfalls.

  • The Teachers Resource
  • etailed answers including workings to all questions in Coursebook.
  • Syllabus guidance about the new syllabus specs, includes content as well as skills.
  • Assessment guidance, formative and summative, PLUS guidance on marking for Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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