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Cambridge International AS Level History International History 1870-1945 Coursebook
Cambridge International AS Level History International History 1870-1945 Coursebook
Authored by Phil Wadsworth and Patrick Walsh-Atkins

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History - International
Key Stage 5 - Advanced
Year 12+ - Age 16+

Cambridge AS Level

International CIE - FE 2021
Publication Date: March 2019

Product Code: ASA-9781108459327

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Cambridge International AS Level History

Written by an experienced author team that includes examiners, practising teachers and trainers, this series supports teachers and students following the Cambridge International AS History syllabus (9489), for examination from 2021. With increased depth of coverage, the series will help students build confidence and understanding in their language, essay-writing and evaluation skills, while encouraging them to make substantiated judgments and reflect on their own learning. The teacher’s resource saves valuable time by providing comprehensive guidance for all three coursebooks, including teaching ideas, scaffolded worksheets, source activities, additional language support and more.

International History Coursebook
Authored by Phil Wadsworth and Patrick Walsh-Atkins
  • The Coursebooks
  • Exam-style questions – including source material with sample responses – help students practise essay-writing, understand what ‘good’ looks like and identify where improvements can be made in their own work
  • The ‘Reflection’ feature provides opportunities for students to learn from one another, while considering what they have learnt and how they could improve
  • Our ‘Think like a historian’ feature helps learners to better understand the applicability of studying history and how it can be used in their life outside the classroom
  • A ‘Before you start’ section ensures students are prepared with enough knowledge to start the chapter
  • Help students develop their conceptual understanding of history with the five new Key concepts, for instance, exploring similarity and difference in the aims and achievements of Witte and Stolypin
  • 'Key figure’ boxes throughout highlight important and influential people
  • ‘Key Terms’ help students understand the text with clear explanations of important terminology
  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter help students and teachers to set learning goal

  • The Teachers Resource
  • Providing you with practical assistance for all three coursebooks in the series, this Cambridge Elevate teacher’s resource saves you time with preparation and planning.
  • The digital resource places an emphasis on language support by providing you with detailed advice and multiple activities you can include in your lessons to help build students’ confidence.
  • A wealth of activities and worksheets which will develop students skills and enhance your lessons, enabling your students to practise with sources.
  • Includes sample answers to activities and exam-style questions

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