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Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Revision Guide (2nd Edition)
Authored by Martin Law

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Key Stage 4 - GCSE
Year 10 and 11 - Age 14 to 16

Cambridge IGCSE

International CIE - FE 2020
Publication Date: July 2018

Product Code: IGCSE-9781108437264

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 2nd Edition

This second edition of the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Core and Extended series provides teachers and students with a comprehensive set of resources to offer complete coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580 and 0980 syllabus. The materials have been written to support the consolidation and practice of the required mathematical skills, promoting a spiral learning cycle with coherent progression to demonstrate the interconnected relationships of mathematics.

Authored by Martin Law
  • The Coursebook
  • Offers opportunities for checking prior knowledge before starting a new chapter and testing knowledge with end-of-chapter and exam-practice exercises.
  • Contains detailed explanations and clear worked examples, followed by practice exercises to allow students to consolidate the required mathematical skills.
  • Core and Extended materials are presented within the same book and are clearly signposted to allow students to see the range of mathematics required for study at this level.
  • Answers are at the back of the book.

  • The Practice book (Core & Extended avialable)
  • Additional practice exercises targeted at Core or Extended level to help students consolidate and practise skills
  • Follows the order of the coursebook to help students focus their practice
  • Mixed exercises draw on a range of skills learnt to encourage students to use the breadth of mathematics they have studied
  • The activities are ideal as extra classroom materials, homework activities or for self-study.
  • Answers are included at the back of the book to help students track their progress.

  • The Revision Guide
  • Provides students with a comprehensive revision tool to help them prepare for the examination of the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580/0980) syllabus.
  • Clear learning objectives at the start of each chapter help students create a clear plan for revision.
  • Core and Extended material is separated to allow for focused revision of specific topics
  • The materials have been written to allow students to identify the skills they need to revise, with exam-style questions for them to practise.
  • Answers are included at the back of the book to help students track their progress.

  • The Teacher’s Resource
  • Your digital teacher's resource gives you access to materials to plan your teaching. Choose from editable Word files or PDFs for lesson plans and worksheets, and download supporting files, such as guidance documents for using digital resources, from within the resource.
  • Chapter-by-chapter support ideas and advice, including PowerPoint slides for front-of-class demonstrations help teachers with lesson planning.
  • Review checklists for each chapter will help to keep track of which topics have been covered.
  • Contains answers to all questions in the coursebook including the unit tests, core practice book and extended practice book to save time when marking.
  • Go directly to the resource index to download every file you need to deliver a specific unit or lesson, so you don’t have to rely on your internet connection.
  • Simple to navigate and personalise - highlight text, annotate, create voice notes, or organise your table of contents.

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