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Cambridge Primary Maths Stage 3 Teachers Resource Pack
Cambridge Primary Maths Stage 3 Teachers Resource Pack
Authored by Josh Lury

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Key Stage 2 - Year 3
Age 7 to 8

Cambridge Primary 3

International CIE - LE 2021
Publication Date: March 2017

Product Code: PR-9781471884481

Hodder Cambridge Primary Mathematics, endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full curriculum framework from 2011.

Develop learners' mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills using the mastery approach, with this series of Learner's Books, Workbooks and Teachers Resources.

Authored by Josh Lury
  • Hodder Cambridge Primary Maths

  • Learner’s Books
  • Develop learners’ mathematical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills using the mastery approach.
  • Introduce topics through engaging starter activities
  • Develop mathematical language with new words and worked examples
  • Illustrate topics clearly and vividly with imaginative design and relatable characters
  • Build fluency and mathematical reasoning skills by exploring, clarifying, practising and then extending concepts to ensure learners master mathematical ideas
  • Enhance learners’ ability to apply their skills and solve non-routine mathematical problems, by ensuring they secure a deep conceptual understanding of the subject
  • Support learners of all abilities with tips and extension challenges
  • Secure knowledge with problem solving integrated throughout
  • Incorporate assessment through self-check activities at the end of each unit

  • Workbooks
  • Consolidate learning, deepen conceptual understanding and develop problem-solving skills through practice questions; ideal for independent learning, homework or extension activities.
  • Support and build on knowledge gained from the Learner’s Book with practice exercises and provide additional ‘intelligent practice’ through variation

  • Teacher’s Packs
  • Save time and ensure full coverage of learning objectives with concise teaching notes and assessment support, built on a mastery approach to embed mathematical understanding.
  • Ensure clarity about the mastery approach with clear background information
  • Save time with suggestions for starter activities that relate to activities from the Learner’s Book, to introduce and explore new concepts
  • Feel confdent administering formative and summative assessment with essential guidance
  • Adapt ideas with freedom and flexibility to the needs of your class
  • Mark work quickly with all answers to workbook questions, practice tests and learner’s book activities provided
  • Safeguard understanding with further activities and ideas for teaching, ensuring that all learners master the concepts required

  • Digital Resource Packs
  • Support the introduction of key mathematical topics in your classroom with fun and engaging digital resources, available online as part of Dynamic Learning,or as a CD ROM.
  • Model key concepts to the whole class using the digital maths toolkit on the whiteboard
  • Engage learners with fun animations, bringing mathematical concepts to life
  • Assist with the pronunciation of mathematical terms with the audio glossary
  • Build subject knowledge with short, targeted CPD videos

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